Why Cardio Workouts Are Essential And How You Can Get Better And Faster Results...
I want to clarify one thing first...

Cardio does NOT have to mean running long distances or cycling. 

You do NOT have to go on cardio equipment for HOURS to see results.

If you enjoy that type of training, then for sure do it.

If you're training for a marathon or long distance race, then YES, you've got to log the miles!

But "doing cardio" should NOT only mean steady-state cardiovascular activities EVEN if you're training for a long distance race! Even then a variety of intervals should be used and even weights should be included!

We've also got to also stop thinking that our workouts are either cardio OR strength training.

Lifting can be cardio and cardio can build strength!

My name is Cori Lefkowith, owner of Redefining Strength. I work with clients around the world, and at my gym in Southern California, to help them reach their health and fitness goals.

And I want to share some great tips to better help you understand the benefits of cardio workouts and how you can use them to get the results you want! 
First Off - Let's Debunk This Whole "Fat Burning Zone" MYTH!
Sorry...There is no magical zone for fat loss!
When a client comes to me wanting to lose weight, one of the first questions I usually get asked is…

“Should I increase my cardio?”

Very often my answer is, “Well, you can if you enjoy it.”

But the real answer is “NO. You don’t need to increase your cardio, at least not the cardio they often mean, if your goal is weight loss.”

And this is something I go over in more detail in my Cardio Burner program.
First off, as most of us have heard, DIET IS KEY.

But in terms of using our workouts to add in weight loss and body recomposition, building muscle is oh so freaking important.

And cardio? Especially endurance cardio?

Well it can be catabolic to muscle tissue. AKA cause you to struggle to gain, and even RETAIN, muscle mass. Not to mention, your body ADAPTS which means you'll stop burning as many calories from your endurance runs as you once did! So over time unless you find a way to progress those runs (running faster or further), you won't see the same results from your training.

It's why you may have lost weight training for your first race, but don't seem to be getting the same results training for your second, third, or fifteenth!

Guess what ACTUALLY helps you lose fat?


Guess what ACTUALLY helps you look leaner as you lose weight?


Because muscle increases the calories you burn even at rest, helping to expedite your results from dialing in your nutrition.

Now what about working in that magical “Fat Burning Zone?”

If you’re burning more fat by doing that LISS or low intensity steady state cardio, of course you would want to at least include some form of that, right?!

While LISS does have it’s benefits, and I believe a great one is stress relief when you’re out for a walk with friends, it does not actually, truly burn more fat than interval training or even weight lifting workouts.

The MYTH of the Fat Burning Zone arose from the fact that, of the calories you burn, you burn a higher percentage of calories from fat when you do this steady-state cardio.

Now you may be thinking…”But I thought it was a myth!?! You just said you DID burn more fat!”

Take a look at what I truly said – You burn a higher percentage of calories from fat.

So if you burned 100 calories, when doing steady state cardio, you may burn 50% from fat. Whereas of that same 100 calories, you would only burn 35% from fat if you did a higher intensity cardio workout.

However, here is the reason that magical Fat Burning Zone is a myth…You also burn FEWER calories doing LISS.

Doing a higher intensity workout is going to results in a higher calorie burn and often even do so in less time.

35% of 200 calories burned results in more fat burned than 50% of 100…

So if your ultimate goal is burning fat, increasing your intensity, aka NOT working in that Fat Burning Zone, can result in even more fat burned during your workout.

It’s key that we don’t just think of cardio as steady-state endurance activities, but as a spectrum that we work across.

We need to include workouts that are not only cardio but also build strength so we can build that lean muscle that will help us burn more calories at rest and have a GREATER impact on our weight loss results!
Second - Cardio Does NOT Have To Mean Steady-State Training!
And...GASP! It may even mean using weights in your cardio workouts!
If you love running or cycling, you don't have to stop doing it.

But that steady-state cardiovascular activity is NOT the only way to build endurance or reap the benefits of a cardio workout. 

(And even if you love doing it, you would benefit from some other forms of training...to help you run or cycle further FASTER!)

As I also mentioned, your workouts don't have to be strength training OR cardio.

Too often we think they have to be one or the other while most of us would  get the most benefit from workouts that are a little of both!

So when you design your cardio workouts, you can use a variety of set ups from intervals to density sets and timed circuits. This can allow you to build endurance, improve your work capacity and increase your speed while burning fat and building muscle.
And yes...Your cardio workouts CAN use weights.

For those of you who AREN'T fans of traditional forms of cardio, why suffer through something you don't enjoy?

Grab some weights and get your blood pumping with a timed circuit! 

Somewhere along the lines we fell victim to this belief that if we aren't doing enough cardio, specifically, steady-state cardio, we wouldn't see the same weight loss benefits.

But this belief is not only false, it is actually holding us back!

Our body is constantly adapting to the workouts we give it. 

It's why we get stronger. 

It's why the miles that used to kill us get easier.

It's why we can cycle or run faster and complete harder exercise variations than when we started.

BUT, this is also why we need to progress our workouts over time.

And with steady-state cardio training?

Unless you can force yourself to run faster or longer each and every time, you're not going to be challenging your body to continue to progress.

This not only means that your GAINS will slow, but it can also mean that the same, once INTENSE, workout that had you burning 300 calories, will no longer create that same calorie burn.

So if you want to continue to challenge your body to gain muscle and get results while maximizing your calorie burn, you need to progress your workouts as you adapt.

And this is much easier to do when you're using intervals, density sets, timed circuits and especially WEIGHTS.

With the circuits you can adjust work to rest intervals. 

With density sets, you can change up exercises or squeeze in an extra round. You can even use weighted moves to progress the exercises.

And with timed circuits? You may actually work SHORTER, forcing yourself to complete the series quicker than the week before.

But by using other forms of cardio training, on top of even your steady-state training if you enjoy it, you can help yourself continue to adapt and grow stronger. And you can do this WITHOUT having to make your workouts longer.

Heck, you may even find with these other cardio training routines, you can get more out of LESS time, which is really the added benefit of these workout designs!

I mean with our busy schedules, who wouldn't want to get the same, if not better results, from 20-30 minutes of working out than they could from an hour!?! (Especially even if they had options for workouts they could do in their living room!?!)
Third...STOP Always Eliminating Rest! More Isn't Always Better! 
Rest Can Allow Us To Work HARDER!
I love interval training for one of the reasons I mentioned above.

It's super efficient, which is key with our busy schedules.

Plus, you can design workouts using intervals that you can do anywhere!

However, to make the workouts quick, you shouldn't just always eliminate rest!

One of the few times that I got mad at a client was when they cut out the rest I’d scheduled into their interval workout for them.
They said they wanted to make the workout “harder.”

This is when I really started EDUCATING and not just programming workouts for clients.

We need to understand that….

A. Harder isn’t always better and doesn’t mean better results.

B. Adjusting rest CHANGES the energy system we are working in AND affects our work output.

Guess what happens when you eliminate rest?

You don’t give yourself a chance to recover.

So over time your work output, you INTENSITY, decreases.

And this isn’t always a bad thing.

Workouts where you push through fatigue and shorten rest to work on recover CAN and SHOULD be included in your workouts.

But so should workouts with MORE REST, where you can more fully recover so each interval of work is more explosive, powerful and intense.

When there is more rest included, instead of eliminating it, use it to go HARDER each and every round.

I tell clients that if they think a rest interval is “too long,” they need to push harder during that interval of work.

You should NEED that rest. And WANT that rest if you’re using the interval of work correctly.

If you want to say…set a personal record in your next half marathon…you can’t just train endurance. You’ve also got to train speed.

And training speeds means not training slowness.

Sounds weird right?

But what that means is if you run sprints when fatigued, you’re going to go slower.

Guess what that does? It trains slowness.

You want to REST so you can train at the speed you want to work toward.

You want to TRAIN SPEED.

So next time you think about cutting out rest to make something harder…reconsider what you’re doing and why the rest was included in the programing first!
What's Included In The Cardio Burner Program?
Cardio Workouts To Help You Look And Feel Amazing!
Whether you want to improve your cardiovascular health, lose weight, run faster, cycle further or get lean, cardio workouts are ESSENTIAL, which is why I created my Cardio Burner Cards!

These workouts will help you get in the best shape of your life!

In my Cardio Burner program, I created cardio workouts you can do anywhere. 
Whether you want to get in a quick bodyweight workout at home or when you travel or you want to include some weights at the gym to help you build strength as you blast fat, my Cardio Burner Cards have you covered.

And you can easily take these cards with you wherever you go!

Plus, they can help you reach a variety of fitness goals even as your goals change over time!

Want to lose weight? There's a Cardio Burner workout for that!

Want to improve your endurance? There's a Cardio Burner workout for that!

Want to get lean and strong? There's a Cardio Burner workout for that too!

I've combined a variety of interval set ups, Timed Circuits and Density Sets into a killer cardio routine to help you get better results FASTER even when you're short on time.

And if you have an injury or are just starting back?

I'll even teach you how to modify and work around aches and pains!

This program isn't just the workouts you need to get killer results, but also the WHY behind a proper cardio training routine.

I explain the benefits of different interval set ups and even DEBUNK the myth of the fat burning zone.

I want you to know WHY and HOW things work so you can not only get amazing results FAST but have those results LAST!
And whether you decide to get the digital-only Cardio Burners or the PHYSICAL Cardio Burner Cards, you can have workouts to take with you wherever you go!

The PHYSICAL CARDS easily fit in your purse, suitcase or gym bag!

And you can design 100s of different workouts using them by combining the different series in different ways.

In your deck you'll find Foam Rolling, Stretching, Activation and Cardio series you can combine in different ways to make sure you address YOUR specific needs.

To create a workout, you will select one blue card (foam rolling), one pink card (stretching), one green card (activation) and one yellow card (cardio). 
You can design a workout based on what you need that progression or day. 

If you even can't get to the gym for your usual workout, you can easily pull together cards for something at home to keep you on track and moving forward.

And if you aren't sure how to combine the series, or are nervous to design your own?

Don't worry!

I have workouts and schedules already created for you in your digital deck!

These Cardio Burner Cards are easy to throw into your bag to take with you when you head to the gym or travel! And if you happen to leave them behind, you'll have access to the e-book to use on any device!
100s of cardio workouts at your fingertips with easy to use quick reference images right on the back of the cards in case you forget a move during your workout.

And if you're new to some of the moves, you'll also have access to a video exercise library to review form and even learn modifications.

But this isn't "just another workout program" either!

The best part about the Cardio Burner program is that it will truly educate you to help you train smarter and see BETTER, FASTER RESULTS!

You also gain access to articles so you understand the fundamentals of cardio training. You'll learn how to improve your endurance, increase your work capacity and even train for speed and power.

And no matter you current fitness level, you'll learn how to modify moves to meet your needs!
We each are starting our fitness journey at different points and we each have different goals we'd like to achieve from our training.

So whether you want to get in shape to set a PR in your next race or you simply want to feel fit to chase after your grandkids, you can use these Cardio Burner Cards to meet your needs!
And to help you get even better results faster, you'll also get access my BONUS Core Burner Cards digital deck!

These quick core workouts can help you get better fat loss results from your training, especially if you want to target that stubborn belly fat. (While, yes, diet is key, you need to dial in your training to maximize your results!)

And some of these core burners can even be great bonus activation series to help you strengthen your glutes and abs to help you avoid lower back, hip and knee pain!

If you're short on time or simply want to expedite your results, you can add these Core Burners on to your Cardio Burner Workouts or even use them as a burnout on your other training days!
Like the Cardio Burner Cards, these can be used on any device and come with quick reference images of each move on the cards as well as a video exercise library to help you with proper form.

So....Are you ready to let the sweat fly and torch calories as you improve your conditioning?!

Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life and feel lean and strong!?

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